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An Unholy Harvest is working hard to be more accessible to French-speaking participants and to people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Helping out is a great way to get to know people and contribute to Harvest at your own pace! If you are fluently bilingual, we invite you to help out with ad hoc English-to-French or French-to-English whisper translation throughout the weekend. If you have mad typing skills and a laptop, we invite you to type notes during a workshop or event so that Deaf and hard-of-hearing participants can read over your shoulder. We will introduce helpers and helpees to each other as needed. If you can help, please check as many boxes as appropriate below. Please note that this does not require you to sign up for a volunteer shift or entitle you to a volunteer discount; this is purely about flexible, ad hoc peer support.

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Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration prior to September 15, you are entitled to a 75% refund. Registration fees are not refundable after September 15. Please note that registration is NOT TRANSFERABLE, so you may NOT resell your registration to a friend. Harvest regularly sells out and we maintain a waiting list of people eager to attend when others cancel - so if you know you can't come, please do take the time to cancel your registration and open up a spot for the next person in line.

Payment Policy

For registration to be valid, payment must be received immediately after a spot has been confirmed for you. If you do not provide payment at the time of registration, you are not registered for An Unholy Harvest and no spot will held for you. There are two exceptions to this rule: 1) if you have made PRIOR arrangements in writing with one of the organizers or 2) if you are a confirmed scholarship recipient.

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